Zack's House

Zack's House

Zack's House is our staffed, transitional residential program for eight young men 18 to 30 years old to live and grow in a sober environment. Lowell House provides supportive case management and programs in a beautiful, completely renovated home in the Pawtucketville area of Lowell, MA.


Zack's House was purchased and designed by Lowell House, a leader of addiction treatment services for over 49 years, to fill a major gap in recovery services to young men in early recovery. Experience and research data clearly demonstrates that young men in their 20s are particularly vulnerable to high risk behavior leading to more frequent relapse and increased risk for overdose. Typically, young men in early recovery go from the highly structured recovery home environment to independent living in a sober house with no transition and no community supports. Zack's House fills that dangerous gap by providing a transitional program that includes: 

  • Daily meetings with an on-site recovery coach to review their recovery plan, work on developing job and independent living skills and plan for a sober future.
  • Clinical consultation as needed with Clinical Director.
  • Gender/Trauma-specific clinical groups as indicated.
  • Health and Wellness groups and activities
  • Relapse Prevention and Recovery Maintenance groups



  • Completed a detox.
  • 3-6 months in recovery (if at 3 months sobriety, then you must enter a Structured Outpatient Addiction Program on entrance to Zack's House).
  • Active participation in recovery services or have completed a recovery program.
  • Willing to abide by house rules.
  • Active participation in a productive day: employment, school, volunteer work, recovery activities, etc.  
  • First and last months rent down payment required.


$650/month for a single room, $450/month for a double room.  Limited scholarship assistance is available from Zack’s Team Foundation for the down payment with a qualifying application. 


Please fill out our application and fax to Frank Campos, Supportive Case Manager, at 978-937-2559. 


For further information, you can call Frank Campos at 978-455-8516 or Diana Newell, Senior Director of Residential Services, at 978-459-8656 x143. Download our brochure about Zack's House. 

Meet Zack's House staff: Scott Wallace, part-time clinical director, Frank Campos, full-time case manager & recovery coach, and Selasie Djoktoe, part-time house manager.


The name “Zack’s House” is a tribute to the memory of Zachary Gys, a beloved twenty-one-year-old Lowellian who succumbed to a drug overdose in 2013. His family and friends recognized the gap in services for this young adult population and founded Zack’s Team Foundation. This foundation has partnered with Lowell House to provide additional housing for young men from the Greater Lowell area. Each young man will have completed a detox and is actively participating in recovery services or completed a recovery program. It is expected that each young man has the desire to continue living and working on their own recovery in a community setting that fosters such growth.