Sober Houses

The mission of Lowell House's Sober Houses is to provide a physically and emotionally safe, secure, and respectful home environment to foster an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle for all members. Each Sober Home is a group of individuals who share a common desire to stay clean and sober, a commitment to honoring the house rules and participating in the house decision-making process. Sober housing is an option that offers individuals peer-to-peer support to maintain long-term recovery. 

Sober House Pre-Admission Criteria

  • 6-months sober time 
  • evidence of an active individualized recovery plan
  •  proof of income
  • willingness to abide by house rules and be an active participant in the sober living community

Saving Grace for women

Saving Grace provides permanent sober housing for women over the age of eighteen. Saving Grace is a large Victorian house located in a quiet residential neighborhood with nearby public transportation. 

 Hanover House for men

Hanover House opened in 2013, specifically for men over the age of eighteen. Hanover House provides permanent sober housing for 6 men. The house is located in a unique neighborhood adjacent to the downtown shopping and business area, and within walking distance to the north campus of the University of Massachusetts. 

Fill out an application for Saving Grace or Hanover House and fax it to 978-937-2559. 

For more information contact Diana Newell, Senior Director of Residential Services, at  978-459-8656 x143.