Outreach and Case Management Programs

Outreach and Case Management Programs
LHATR continues to expand its ability to provide outreach and case management to the Greater Lowell community. The outreach workers at LHATR provide prevention education around HIV, Hep C, and other STI’s, drug and alcohol use, misuse and abuse, and overdose. Additionally, workers aim to “meet people where they are at” in order to have the most success at engagement. Workers provide individuals with resources needed in order to access treatment for addiction and related disorders at whatever level is needed. 

LHATR’s HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS) program provides case management and support services both in office and in the community for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The program also provides community education around disease prevention. 

LHATR’s Supportive Case Management program provides case management and support services to individuals who are living in the community. This program assists people with addiction and related disorders to address the issues needed in order to sustain their living situations and prevent homelessness. 

LHATR’s COOP (Community Opioid Outreach Program) is a partnership between Lowell House Addiction Treatment and Recovery, Lowell Police,Lowell Fire, & Lowell Health Departments. The COOP team provides outreach and follow up visits to opioid overdose victims and their families in the city of Lowell, connecting them to the necessary level of treatment and services to attain sobriety and along their path towards recovery from addiction. The COOP team also provides general outreach to the homeless community in Lowell and assists them to access
treatment and services needed.