The HOPWA (Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS) Coordinator works closely with the Housing Information Services case manager to provide quality services and support to people in the Greater Lowell community who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This is a grant funded position through the city of Lowell and this position reports directly to the Clinical Director.


  • Responsible for the oversight and coordination of all HOPWA services at LHI.
  • Provides case management and support to individuals in the Greater Lowell community who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Shares a case load with the HOPWA Housing information services case manager.
  • Assists clients who qualify to apply to our rental assistance program
  • Makes referrals to appropriate services as is needed/Has knowledge of local service agencies
  • Works closely with collateral contacts and others involved with case
  • Documents all interactions with clients
  • Completes assessments and treatment plans as needed
  • Leads in organizing World AIDS Day in Lowell and assists with other local events
  • Facilitates some psycho-education groups and staff trainings on HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and other STDS
  • May do some outreach to clients homes or other locations to best serve this population
  • May be asked to join appropriate/relevant committees in the Lowell area
  • Responsible for all monthly, quarterly, and annual reports generated to the City of Lowell that capture HOPWA services.
  • Acts as HIV/AIDS Coordinator for LHI: responsible for overseeing confidential HIV risk assessment and access to counseling and testing; staff and client HIV/AIDS and hepatitis education; and Department of Public Health requirements for admission, service planning and discharge of HIV positive clients


  • Bachelor’s degree in a human service related field
  • Extensive knowledge of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Knowledge of substance abuse and related disorders
  • Bilingual (Spanish) a plus

If interested in this position, please contact Maria Lucci, Director of Ambulatory Care at 978-459-8656 mlucci@lowellhouseinc.org. 

Live-In Position for Zack’s House

This unique position provides the stability and care necessary for the sustainability of a healthy and safe transitional sober living environment during overnight hours. The level of independence of all sober house members is incumbent on a high level of individual motivation and commitment to recovery. This Live-in position oversees the integrity of the sober living environment from a health and safety perspective specifically during overnight hours. This Live-in position will work collaboratively with the Senior Residential Director and any relevant staff members associated with the house.

SALARY RANGE: reduced rent


  • Monitor the health and safety of members in the sober house through check-ins and visual oversight.
  • Asleep Overnight: Be available during most overnight hours (approximately 11:00pm – 6:00am) as the “on-duty” shift (i.e. remaining in the house during overnight hours).
  • Enforce the house rules and guidelines.
  • Provide verbal or written prompts to members about household upkeep and personal responsibility; as necessary.
  • Manage member conflicts and crisis through verbal negotiation and problem solving.
  • Participate in interview and/or screening process of new members (as applicable).
  • Notify direct supervisor of significant changes of a member that warrant clinical, medical, or further intervention. Phone 911 first, if a member is experiencing a life-threatening issue.
  • Notify direct supervisor immediately of safety/health/legal issues happening in the house (member or property).
  • Be a role model and mentor for house members.
  • Possess a working knowledge and understanding of the LHI Transitional Sober House Policy and Procedure manual.
  • Be a representative of Lowell House Inc. during your residency.
  • Provide timely notification to supervisor when unable to provide scheduled coverage.
  • Provide crisis intervention until emergency responders arrive; phone 911, overdose intervention (Narcan administration, CPR, etc.)
  • Administer random drug screens (quick cups, saliva strips, etc.) as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Be able to pass a clean criminal background check.
  • Excellent professional boundaries.
  • Mature personality traits and attitude.
  • Possess leadership qualities.
  • Desire to work with individuals in recovery.
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills.
  • Current certification in CPR and proof of TB status.
  • Trained in Narcan administration.
  • It is expected that the candidate is employed or participates in a productive day activity.
  • Possess a working cellular phone.


  • Directly reports to the Senior Residential Director or designee.


The ability to have scheduling flexibility to meet the basic needs of the sober house community. A successful CORI check is required.

If interested in this position, contact Sharon Barry, Residential Director at 978-459-8656 sbarry@lowellhouseinc.org.