Lowell House is governed by a dynamic Board of Directors of up to 11 interested and committed members of the community. They represent the fields of law, finance, education, criminal justice, architecture, social services and small business. Board subcommittees include:

  • The Finance Committee: The Finance Committee provides oversight to fiscal health of the organization and act is an advisory capacity to the LHATR management staff and Board.
  • The Board Affairs Committee: The Board Affairs Committee assists with the development and implementation of the organization’s governance principles, determines the direction and composition of board committees, and establishes a process to improve board effectiveness.
  • The Development and Public Relations Committee:  The Development and Public Relations Committee provides support and oversight to all fundraising activities in the agency and works to develop effective ongoing public relations through the use of newsletters, printed media and electronic resources.
  • The Real Estate Committee - The Real Estate Committee provides feedback and expertise on a number of new building related projects. In addition, they provide information and ideas on building maintenance and renovation. They work closely with the CEO and COO and meet on a monthly basis.

Interested in joining the Board or a Board Subcommittee? Please email Bill Garr.