Save the Date 2019

Later this spring, Lowell House Addiction Treatment and Recovery (LHATR) will be opening its new doors at 101 Jackson Street in Lowell for our new Center for Integration for Treatment and Recovery (CITAR), which will help to make a major impact on people’s ability to enter and stay in recovery.

CITAR will address the current and future needs of the community with strength and care that has made it an important part of the health and welfare of Greater Lowell for more than forty-six years. It will offer:

  • An Expanded Clinical Center for Group and Individual Treatment
  • Healthy Living Options
  • Increased Space for the Structured Outpatient Addictions Program (SOAP) and the Driver Alcohol Education Program
  • Expanded Group and Community Facilities
  • Specialized Training Areas to Support Sobriety, Wellness, and Skill Development
  • Integrated, Coordinated Health Care, and Support Service