Lowell House Programs

Ambulatory Services

Ambulatory Services include individual and group counseling for addiction and related disorders. This also includes classes for first, second and multiple OUI offenders and a variety of case management supports.

Residential Programs

Residential Programs provide a continuum of care for individuals in recovery. They range from the  intensive recovery house which provide 24 hour a day supervision to sober housing that emphasizes independence with minimal support.

The Structured Outpatient Addictions Program (SOAP) is a clinically intensive, highly structured day or evening program for individuals in their early stages of recovery. They attend groups, individual treatment and support activities for six to seven hours per day.

Sober Housing

Sober Housing allows individuals in recovery to maintain sobriety in a safe environment with maximum independence and minimal staff support. 

Welcome to Lowell House Inc.

What is Lowell House?

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Lowell House, Inc. (LHI) has been providing high quality, accessible and affordable addictions services and related supports to the Greater Lowell community since 1971. Our programs cover a broad range of inpatient and outpatient treatment and living options that support recovery across a lifetime. In addition to a variety of support, advocacy, community outreach and prevention programs, other services include:

  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Over 80 residential beds
  • Driver alcohol education (DAE) programs for first and second offenders
  • A structured six- to eight-week intensive-day Structured Outpatient Addictions Program (SOAP)

LHI programs are funded through a combination of state, federal, insurance and private pay resources. Clients are accepted to programs and services based on their current needs and available space, never on their ability to pay. Please check with individual program managers and intake staff noted in the "Contact Us" tab to discuss whether a program or service is appropriate for you, the availability of that program or service and payment options. 


Upcoming Events


Enjoy Lowell House's Latest Film By Award Winning Film Maker J. Dolan Barry -Everyone Knows Someone

Everyone Knows Someone

Thanks to Everyone Who Made the Living in the Light Gala a Great Success.

April 2, 2016 was a night that will be remembered for many years to come. Thanks to the Gala Committee, Barbara Dunsford, Tom Golden, Scott Whale and our honorees for a great night with an important message. We had 270 guests and raised over $50,000 to treat people of all ages with substance use disorders, the number one public health issue in Lowell.  Read the article from the Lowell Sun for a real essence of the event and click the link below for pictures.


The Governor's Opioid Working Group Publishes a Comprehensive and Far Reaching Report to the Governor and the Citizens of the Commonwealth

June 22, 2015 - The Governor's Opioid Working Group, after months of hearings, interviews, and meetings, has released their report with a comprehensive, well-researched report on solutions to the current opioid crisis plaguing communities like Lowell and surrounding towns. Here's a peek at the short-term ( six months to one year)  prioritized recommendations:


Prevention- Increase educational offerings for prescribers and patients to promote safe prescriber practices, Develop targeted educational materials for schools, Appoint members to the drug formulary commission, Integrate information about the risks of opioid use and misuse into school athletic programs, Conduct a public awareness campaign.

Continued on our News And Events page with a link to the full report

Stories of Hope

Story of Sally

Sally was my best friend, our next-door neighbor with a life that, confidentially, made everyone in our crowd jealous. She had great kids, an attentive, very successful husband, beautiful house and a wardrobe that screamed money. Sally was also an alcoholic. Read more.

The Graduation Speech

"...Dear friends, I wish to say to each of you, but especially to all those others who have not had the courage to embark on your journey : You have to want to stand up; this is the indispensable condition! You will find an outstretched hand ready to help you, but no one is able to stand up in your place..." Read more.

Story of Grampy

Picture a smiling 61-year-old grandfather with his beautiful little granddaughter, just a year old. The joy he gets when babysitting. And see the joy in her laughter as they play. If life hadn’t taken an important turn, Grampy would have missed this heart-warming experience. Read more.


 A Thoughtful Note

The following is a note from Dave Reedy, former LHI Board Member, on a recent blog by CEO Bill Garr and Chief Program Officer Maria Lucci.  The blog outlines the six major actions that Lowell citizens can take to fight and win the battle with the drug and alcohols. Please take a moment to read it and comment. Thank you, Dave, for this thoughtful note

"This "blog" is extraordinary! Kudos! Funding has always been a problem as has fundraising for people caught in the web of addiction. "Nicer" to fund children's issues, etc. and "touchy-feely" issues but who among us has not experienced a family member who suffers from addiction? Funding for homeless is also difficult as some political parties view it the same way as an addiction - "they" suffer as a result of their fault. Funding and education are what Lowell House is all about! Keep up the good work!!!"

--David Reedy, Providence Rhode Island, February 2, 2015

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